• back office services  Cost efficiency of 30% or more

    back office services

    Cost efficiency of 30% or more

  • Blue Dots  customers first...always

    Blue Dots

    customers first...always

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    Blue Dots

    Proffering Consultation Services

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    Blue Dots

    Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Education Consulting

  •  Blue Dots create and deliver rich, engaging content experiences across devices.

    Blue Dots

    create and deliver rich, engaging content experiences across devices.

  • IT services and consulting   Long term partnerships & flexibility

    IT services and consulting

    Long term partnerships & flexibility

  •  Blue Dots  provides information to customers, addressing time-to-market challenges and drives revenue by 60%

    Blue Dots

    provides information to customers, addressing time-to-market challenges and drives revenue by 60%

  •  Blue Dots documentation solutions improve speed, accuracy, compliance and competitiveness, goes up by 35%.

    Blue Dots

    documentation solutions improve speed, accuracy, compliance and competitiveness, goes up by 35%.

  •  Blue Dots  delighted to support the IT fraternity

    Blue Dots

    delighted to support the IT fraternity

  •  Blue Dots across the enterprise globally

    Blue Dots

    across the enterprise globally

  •  Technical Writing  lack of up to date codified knowledge & documentation puts your company at the risk of loosing competitive edge

    Technical Writing

    lack of up to date codified knowledge & documentation puts your company at the risk of loosing competitive edge



  • Our vision, our strategy and everything we do, is based on our promise of “customers first”. with several years of industry experience, and our focus on process excellence, as an enabler, we have and we will continue to deliver to our promise to you. our promise of “customers first” will not let you down…

Client Testimonials

  • Your lessons have left an indelible mark on my life. To the best teacher ever, thank you for making a difference!
    – Khushbu Rana – Engineering Services Associate Manager – Accenture

  • What sets this course apart is the level of support offered. Rajdeep is incredibly supportive, offering continuous assistance throughout the course. His commitment extends beyond the classroom, as he remains available to help until each student secures a job. This ongoing support is invaluable and creates a lifelong connection with the trainer…
    – Likhith G – Hexagon

  • I particularly appreciated your interactive teaching style; This hands-on approach really helped solidify my understanding…
    – Anushree Ajmire – Rambus Chip

  • Thank you for all the support, Rajdeep. It has been excellent working with you. You were of great support, providing me with the best writers when needed. Your professionalism and commitment to the task is commendable. Thank you again, and I hope to work with you again.
    – Subhashree H – Senior Tech Pubs Manager, Enphase Solar Energy

  • I’ve completed a program with Blue Dots, and I’m pleased with their mentorship and guidance…
    – Prasanth Sudarshan – Aptean

  • Blue dots has provided an exceptional platform for honing my technical writing skills, and I would highly recommend it to others seeking to enhance their abilities in this field…
    – Sankar T – Siemens Gamesa

  • The best place to pursue a career in software technical writing is Blue Dots Consultancy. I’ve completed a program with Blue Dots, and I’m pleased with their mentorship and guidance…
    – Shivkumar Harwal – Enphase Energy

  • Taking a one-on-one evening session every day because I was working and could not manage to attend regular batch, for continuous 3 months by sacrificing his family time just to meet my need of the course, it will always be a favour on me. True act of kindness by Rajdeep sir…
    – Chaitali Otari – Lentra AI, Pune

  • During the past two years, working with Blue Dots Consultancy has been a tremendously positive experience…. I greatly valued Rajdeep’s advice and support. He contributed so much to the development of my professional life. The best thing about him is that he truly understands everything…
    – Ganga – Enphase Energy

  • Special thanks to Mr. Rajdeep sir! He is very co-operative and ready to help always with proper solutions; The support I received from your side is commendable…
    – Jishnu Dinesh – Starmark Software

  • I came across Blue Dots through my seniors. Rajdeep sir’s immaculate training laid a strong foundation to my technical writing career that led me to get a job in a highly reputed product-based company.
    – Kaustubh NV – Siemens Technologies

  • I am grateful to have a mentor like Rajdeep Gupta, whose mentorship and guidance have opened new career avenues for me…
    – Subhashish Sinha – Blue Optima

  • I suggest if you are looking for a career path in the Technical Writing domain, Blue Dots Consultancy is the best place to set you up…
    – Abhishek KN – Siemens Technologies

  • Your advice was always dispassionate and very constructive that encouraged me to look at things differently and helped me to succeed in my development journey…
    – Soumya – Centiro Solutions

  • You can transform your career path if you put efforts from your side and follow Rajdeep’s guidance during the training…
    – Sudeep Singha – Tradelabs Technologies

  • Blue Dots Consultancy is the perfect place to begin your technical writing journey. They provide the best-in-class technical writing course with the advantage of real-time interaction with trainers…
    – Swaraj Das – PowerSchool

  • Your extensive knowledge made understanding the concept simple. The handouts that you provided can be used in the future for reference. Rajdeep, I appreciate your guidance, experience, and personable presentation…
    – Yogita Rane – Ellucian

  • Blue Dots and Rajdeep have been instrumental in setting up my career as a technical writer. Blue Dots is a one-stop shop for anything related to technical writing. I would highly recommend Blue Dots to all…
    – Nikhil Naidu – Siemens Technologies

  • Blue Dots offers great training in the field of Information Technology; they also have the niche to identify the best resources suited for the technical role. I would highly recommend Blue Dots’ IT personnel placement services.
    – Dinesh Ranka – Pozitiv Advisors

  • The best training institute for Technical Writing… The training sessions are recorded that help in preparing for the interviews…
    – Sravya Bola – Cloud Collab Technologies

  • Rajdeep’s immense knowledge in the field can be sensed by his teaching style. He breaks down complex concepts into easy language to which even a beginner can relate…
    – Pratik Goswami – BMC

  • As I am a fresher in tech writing, the things that you have taught are all new to me, and I am confident that it will provide me with the necessary foundation to document products better…
    – Rachana Raju – Siemens

  • The classes are exemplary, and the class size allows for individual attention that provides a high rate of comprehension…
    – Balakumaran Kannan – Aptean

  • If you are truly passionate about this domain, Rajdeep sir will guide you in every aspect and the dedication sir puts in everyone’s learning is truly remarkable…
    – Bulti Bose – Nextgen Healthcare

  • Blue Dots training is comprehensive and assignment oriented. Rajdeep follows a learn by doing approach and enriches the confidence and aptitude of trainees…
    – Arpit Suryavanshi – Qatar Airways

  • Rajdeep’s approach of delivering lessons is engaging and thoughtful as it’s a blend of theory and hands-on exercises. The knowledge gained from this training helped me bag jobs in reputed product-based organisations…
    – Pratik Goswami – BMC

  • Thank you dear Rajdeep sir for guiding me to the process of evolving as a technical writer. It was your guidance and constant support that gave me the confidence to reach this milestone…
    – Amardeep Anand – Vanderlande

  • I recommend Blue Dots Consultancy to anyone who wants to improve their performance and skills in all the aspects of technical communication…
    – Praveen Kanjinathan – Aptean

  • Being from a humanities background, Rajdeep’s exclusively tailored training modules helped me to acquire the skills and knowledge required to get a job. This seems to be a perfect ending to any career journey of a candidate and a training institute, but the journey continues beyond job with Blue Dots…
    – Prodyut Boruah – Aptean

  • It wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support. It was my life changing moment joining Blue Dots and take training under you…
    – Vipin Kumar – Innovatia

  • Mr. Rajdeep’s training sessions are structured in such a way that, an aspiring tech writer can grasp and master all areas of this profession. He has a natural ability to teach classes and break down difficult concepts into easily understandable chunks. He pays close attention to each student, identifying the skills that are needed and strengthens those areas…
    – Vishnu Das – Aptean

  • Your teachings have resulted me getting into a reputed organization…
    – Shubham Thorat – Affinity X

  • The way you teach, the knowledge you share, the care you show, and the love that you shower on your students make you the best teacher ever…
    – Karthikeyan – IBM

  • Thank you so much for your mentorship, encouragement, and constant motivation…
    – Vishnu Das – Aptean

  • You need support in certain difficult times. Blue Dots was more of a friend…
    – Balakumaran – Aptean

  • Very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. Thank you Blue Dots!
    – Divya M S – Capgemini Technology

  • Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value- Blue Dots is one of the best consultancies!
    – MA Sivakumar – Aptean

  • Rajdeep and Blue Dots have played a pivotal role in shaping up my career in software technical writing. His guidance, advice, and mentorship have always been a critical pillar of my career. Although a simple ‘thanks would not be enough to express my immense gratitude and respect to him, I would still like to thank him for his contributions in my career. Recommend Blue Dots to everyone interested in building an awesome career in Technical Writing…
    – Sebastian Bipul Gomes – ServiceNow

  • Blue Dots Consultancy Services is the best place to kickstart your career as a Technical Writer!
    – Muralidharan M – KLA Tencor

  • I would like to take the time to thank Rajdeep for the trust and immense support he has been providing to boost my career. I have learnt a lot whilst I was in training than what I did in these past couple of years as a technical writer. In today’s world where we come across people who’d promise a lot and end up providing none when required, he has always tried supporting in all ways possible as a family member…
    – Saurabh Lakshman – CISCO

  • Your blessings, guidance, teachings, and efforts. I am indebted to Blue Dots for coming this far…
    – Ananth Krishnamurthy – Informatica

  • Your guidance during the whole training program and the interview rounds was tremendous…
    – Vijaya Kumar C – SecurEyes

  • The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. Blue Dots plants the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever. Grateful to our sir for teaching and motivating us!!!! You have made technical writing easy and interesting…
    – Pradeep MN – Hexagon

  • The accelerated format and condensed time frame allowed me to work through material at a manageable pace… thank you Blue Dots!
    – Balaji PN – metricstream

  • Rajdeep is a rare example of an effective and helpful teacher. I enjoyed the training under his guidance for two months. His mentorship throughout the learning session was unique. I must recommend Blue Dots Consultancy as the best place for technical writing…
    – Abhishek Mahapatra – Kaseya

  • I have worked with many professionals throughout my career as a Technical Writer, but Rajdeep was a unique one whom I met. I started my journey with him during my recent job hunt, and he helped me understand the present requirements of the organizations and the skills which need to be updated. He is the most profound person I have met, and his ability in training people and also getting them recruited is remarkable…
    – Srikanth Reddy – AgilePoint

  • Blue Dots interacts and engages learners, and make the knowledge stick by using real-world examples and drawing clear training situations…
    – Sruthi Rajeev – Nutanix

  • Pleased to choose Blue Dots. Rajdeep sir is the person I trusted and looked toward for guidance and advice. He is a good mentor who brings the skill and knowledge needed to explain concepts and brings out the best in people…
    – Prem R – Digital.ai

  • Rajdeep’s guidance, support, and encouragement lead my way, and I am here today…
    – Eldhose George- Mitel

  • Thank you Blue Dots for your constant guidance and mentoring…
    – Gokulnath R – Citius Healthcare Technology

  • There are bosses and then there are mentors for life. Rajdeep Sir is undoubtedly the latter. Not only a strict tutor he has also been like an elder brother guiding you out of the mess of ugly times…
    – DJ Banerjee – Mphasis

  • During my training Rajdeep used to respond to all my calls and messages, and there are times, when Rajdeep had to sit through Skype calls with me to clarify doubts, so basically he is committed in his work and I am very to proud to get trained under his mentorship. I would 100 % recommend Blue Dots Consultancy Services for anyone who wants to make a career in Technical Writing…
    – Vinod Reddy – Applied Materials

  • Your kindness and concern for every student is exemplary.
    – Surender KV – BNF Technology

  • A career change as such can be very challenging. Hailing from a non IT background, I was extremely skeptical about the transition, as much as I desired for the switch. At this crucial juncture, it was the training, mentoring, timely guidance and relentless support from Rajdeep which helped me successfully transit into technical writing. Mentoring and engaging working professionals in classroom training for 9 hours is not a joke. But Rajdeep pulls it off so well like he is running a talk show and just precisely imparting the required skills. I strongly recommend Blue Dots Consultancy for people looking for a career in technical writing. Rajdeep is the go-to person. I am truly inspired by his meticulous work.
    – Varsha Kaveri KM – Nokia Networks

  • Just a quick note of sincere thanks to you and the whole Blue Dots team. I am forever grateful.
    – Kamal Hassan – AgilePoint

  • When I decided to make a career change, I was very skeptical. After the initial conversation with Rajdeep, I proceeded with his course on Technical Writing, and now landed with a job in one of the prestigious organizations. It was Rajdeep’s effort in imparting knowledge, instilling hope, and guidance which has got me thus far. Not just that, he continues to support, and provide the best to all his students.
    – Nikila Luke – Adobe

  • Rajdeep is the perfect combination of humor and empathy that helps to lift the spirit in stressful situations. I highly recommend learning or working with a professional like Mr. Rajdeep Gupta.
    – Saravanan M – Mindtree

  • Just cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my career…
    – Anjil Mulla – Excelacom Technologies

  • Thanks a ton for mentoring me and for your time to time feedback, and suggestions. Coming from a different background it wasn’t easy for me and with a 2-year old baby, but you inspired me that anything can be achieved by hard work…
    – Jyoti Jha – Nextgen Healthcare

  • The Foundation Course at Blue Dots was a turning point in my life as it opened up a gateway to the technical writing world. I was struggling to enter the technical writing field due to my educational background, but certification on Technical Writing from Blue Dots was a great help. Thanks to Rajdeep for that well-oriented training and confidence booster.
    – ANU VARGHESE – Dell Technologies

  • Your guidance and support helped me to find a job in this Covid 19 situation….Recommend Blue Dots largely for its immense support…
    -Koustav Das-Quest Diagnostics

  • Coming from a non IT background, I’ve had my doubts about how I’m going to break into software technical writing. But right from the first call, Rajdeep Sir gave me confidence that it is doable. And he kept on doing so throughout the course, with the assignments and the one-on-one feedback.
    The best part about this course is that along with the training, we also get to learn from his vast technical writing experience. Joining Bluedots was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I hope it’ll be a career defining one. Kudos to you, Sir.
    – Abdul Aleem N – Zoho

  • You cared for my success like my elder brother. When I was dreaming about my career with fear after losing my previous job, you opened my eyes and made me to make it happen in real. I am happy that you are being a gateway for so many people who want to enter and get success into software domain with your abundant knowledge…
    – Manimaran – Empyra Software Solutions Private Limited

  • Your guidance and inspiration have opened the doors to my future, and I am so thankful to you, Raj. The way you teach, the knowledge you share, the care you show, and the love that you shower on your students make you the best teacher ever.
    – Karthikeyan – IBM

  • At a point when I was clueless about my career, I got lucky to know about Bluedots. Rajdeep sir has guided and supported me in many aspects and has helped me restart my career.
    – Suvarna- Jivox IQ

  • The question-and-answer sessions during the class really helped reinforce concepts learnt and promoted better retention. Rajdeep is an excellent trainer; he always gave detailed feedback on our assignments to help us improve. He is very encouraging and supportive and a thorough professional. I am happy I had a pleasant learning experience at Blue Dots.
    – Jayashree – Quesscorp, deputed to SAP Labs

  • I would like to acknowledge Blue Dots for being very diligent and proactive in delivering to our expectations. The resources deputed by Blue Dots understand our tool flow, content and organization of our documents, templates etc. and the resources have worked well with our team. We expect Blue Dots to continue the good work and help us meet our goals.
    – GOVIND KRISHNAN – Director, Microchip

  • We are very much pleased with the HR Consultancy services of Blue Dots. High appreciations to your quick and effective response to all of our requirements. Resources provided by you were efficient and were as per our requirement. You supported us in establishing a solid talent base over the past years by helping us in sourcing and selecting the right talent. We will continue to be associated with you as one of our highly valued Vendor and we highly recommend your services…
    – BRINDA URS. D – HR Manager, Cubeware Global

  • Blue Dots has been instrumental in providing us trained, qualified technical writing candidates, enabling us to assemble a team in 3 months, that normally would have taken 12. Blue Dots is our “go-to” for all our resource needs.
    – TAMAS RASCH – President Enterprise Solutions, DEFTEC

  • Blue Dots has helped me choose the right work path and has helped me with the transition to technical writing.
    -Abhilash Dutta-Innovapptive Inc.

  • Rajdeep’s clarity on what to teach and how to teach is the factor behind his professional accolades. The time and money you spend here is worthwhile….
    -Abhirami S-Nokia

  • The training trebled my productivity and reduced the time around for editing. I can now single-handedly manage any doc projects.
    Shwetha B (BE)- Oracle Financial Services

  • The thing that makes Blue Dots Consultancy Services stand apart from the crowd, is the well defined training methodology.
    Srikanth Aluru (AME)- Cubeware

  • Blue Dots puts lot of energy and dedication to train its students.
    Madhav Rane- Fintellix

  • Rajdeep’s visionary approach to this domain has truly earned him a lot of respect in the writer’s community.
    Kamal Raj (BE)- AgilePoint

  • Blue Dots has been instrumental in providing us trained, qualified technical writing candidates, enabling us to assemble a team in 3 months, that normally would have taken 12. Blue Dots is our “go-to” for all our resource needs.
    Tamas Rasch, President Enterprise Solutions, DEFTEC

  • “Rajdeep is a great mentor and a leader. He guided us very well how we can switch from any domain to Software domain. Not just Software, he has vast knowledge related to so many other domains such as Networking, Telecommunication, semi-conductors. He gave us a lot of guides, tips, presentations, and links to prepare for the change that we aspired to make. His course is reasonable and precise for any individual. He pushes everyone to their limits, so we can do our best in the industry!!”
    Jyoti Khatri (AME)- AgilePoint

  • One can dream and pray that his wishes will come true. But Rajdeep helped me to chase my dreams. He taught me the grammar concepts and essence of topic based authoring. His training on varous tools was amazing. He helped me and trained me for getting an opportunity in CFD domain. Very grateful to him for guiding me to get into Simerics.
    Raghunadh (Mtech)- Simerics

  • A key differentiating factor between Blue Dots Consultancy Services and other training institutes is the genuine mentoring that Rajdeep Gupta provides. He is always available to lend a helping hand and an ear to all his students. I have also been blessed to be an employee of Blue Dots Consultancy Services. The freedom that Rajdeep provides and the trust that he reposes clearly motivated me to give my best. I will always remember Blue Dots Consultancy Services for the example that Rajdeep had set in what a fine human being should be.
    Vijay Tangirala (MBA)- CISCO

  • “I will always remember Blue Dots Consultancy Services for the example that Rajdeep had set in what a fine human being should be.”
    Vijay Tangirala (MBA)- CISCO

  • A few months back I was in a dilemma as to change my domain from testing to technical writing or not. After a couple of research analysis, I decided to take up the Foundation in Technical Writing course from Blue Dots. This was my best decision. After meeting Rajdeep sir, I felt that Blue Dots is the right place to start with. It has built my foundation so strong that i cracked the very first interview in HPE. In 3 weeks of time, my whole career took a new shape. It was the best feeling to get placed in such a huge organization in such a short span, even before my course completed.
    Mamatha HC (MCA)- MicroFocus

  • I had started as a fresher and had no idea about the industry and how am I going to sail through. To my rescue, Rajdeep sir has always been there!
    Afreen (BA)- Greytip Software

  • He has a great teaching style. He uses stuff from different sources and combine them into a simplified version which helps his students in easier understanding of the subject. He is a well-connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone in his network. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.
    -Ghousia Mujjasim

  • BlueDots is the best thing that’s happened to me so far in my professional career
    -Ananth K (HPE)

  • The exposure of training at Blue Dots was across the full spectrum of technical writing skills. As a Blue Dots student, I was privileged to be trained by one of the top notch trainer in the industry. Thank you Blue Dots Consultancy, for providing me the crucial support to grow in the industry.”
    -Vivek Anand, AME (FIS)

  • I used to travel from Chennai to Bangalore over the weekends for the program, and it eventually paid dividends.
    Pritish Patra (AME)- Siemens Healthineers

  • The seamless co-ordination and the approach to keep me updated on every step of the procurement process makes you one of the best staffing vendors.
    Nadeem H- Cubeware

  • Blue Dots has widened my horizons of career opportunities..
    Vinod Kumar J (AME)- Candelala Labs

  • I came down to Bangalore from Hyderabad for weekend classes. You supported me a lot…
    Shyam Satya (AME)- AgilePoint

  • I am immensely grateful to Rajdeep for helping me make a successful transition from development to writing….
    Prerana Koul- (BE Electronics)- Nokia Networks

  • Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously….
    Sneha Hijam- (AME)- Incadea India

  • We are happy with our partnership with Blue Dots – a niche organization that provides high-quality, reliable training services, documentation services, and staffing solutions for technical communication. We are happy to work together with its outstanding team and create value for common customers in the technical communication space.
    Saibal Bhattacharjee, Head of Marketing, Tech Comm Business at Adobe

  • Everything and it includes the scoldings I received made a difference. I am a tech writer because of Blue Dots today….
    Mohammed Nayeem- (AME)- OTSI

  • Blue Dots provides a remarkable and a collaborative environment where passionate individuals learn. The emphasis is always to make sure you understand what you need to know rather than the rush to complete the program…..
    Noel John, BE Mechanical- Honeywell Technologies

  • I graduated in English Literature and joined Blue Dots…within the next couple of weeks, I got placed at SunTech…
    Anand Lal- SunTech

  • The Foundation Course of Blue Dots is perfectly molded to train aspirants….I’ve personally benefited from this course…
    Jit Ghosh-Consultant

  • Blue Dots serves as a beacon of guidance to students. Owing to Raj’s in-depth knowledge of concepts, he is able to clear doubts using out-of-the-box examples….
    Pratik Goswami-Zeomega

  • I learnt a lot professionally and personally. I’m sure this training will help me a lot in my new venture and future career prospectives. Thanks once again for shaping my career….
    Ramachandran-Aris Global

  • Your inspiration and guidance helped me to begin this new chapter. I could not have done this without you…..

  • The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help! Your inspiration and guidance helped me to begin this new chapter….

  • We are very much pleased with the HR Consultancy services of Blue Dots. High appreciations to your quick and effective response to all of our requirements. ….
    HR Manager-Cubeware Global

  • They delivered these short videos of 30 seconds, at an amazing speed of quality and professionalism. The videos have increased relate-ability between our brand and customer…
    HR Manager-Healthcare client

  • A great place to learn Technical writing. The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help…..
    Vinay RN-Siemens

  • His language skills, industry experience, knowledge, commitment, passion and a carefully structured training program is an unique blend which is rarely found anywhere…
    Debajit Das-Siemens

  • Blue Dot Consultancy Services-The Epitome of tech writing. If you’re thinking to start you’re career as technical writer, then you’re at the right place….
    -Rakesh CK- Huron

  • Blue Dots has framed the training program in a manner that every writer can develop or improve his or her knowledge and skills in the field of software documentation…
    -Amit Srivastav- International Decision System (IDS) Software Solutions

  • Blue Dots weaved a path for me in the realm of technical writing. Raj sir has been an exceptional and rare mentor who is a pro in this subject and has made me what I am today…
    -Rahul Raj Manuel- Aris Global

  • The program is well paced, allows us to learn quickly and in depth. It builds a strong base to keep growing from. It prepares us to implement the skills independently into our work as technical writers…
    -Divya Rao M- Radisys

  • From the start, your training was very different than others in terms of the training modules, learning approaches, and competitive pilot projects…
    -Abhishek M- Transneuron

  • Thank you for making me capable for what I am today. I salute you for your belief and patience throughout the journey…
    -Tanushree Chatterjee-InnoCirc Ventures

  • Rajdeep’s teachings are clear, concise, and correct. He not only teaches technical writing, but also builds you up to be a better person professionally…
    -Rudolph Felix-Cerner Corporation

  • The knowledge and experience that you have always shared with me in this difficult time helped me a lot…
    -Souvik Santra-YsecIT Software

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